STAAR MASTER® Student Practice Book Math Gr 2 eBook

Math Grade 2 Student Practice Book is part of the STAAR MASTER® product line. Each book contains a large volume of items to provide students with repeated practice in a variety of mathematical and real-world contexts. The items are 100% aligned to the TEKS. Organized by Reporting Category, each item is labeled for easy identification of the TEKS-based standard and mathematical process skill addressed. Teacher Guide included; minimum order of 15 copies.

STAAR MASTER® eBooks are available through our eBooks learning platform which allows readers to access the eBooks through a web browser or our Android or iOS apps (with offline access). eBooks enable digital note-taking, messaging with teachers, learner analytics, and text-to-speech. An additional implementation fee is required to set up eBooks and Interactive Practice Tests for your school, and a hosting and support fee is charged annually.

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Our STAAR MASTER® math solutions consist of several comprehensive work texts and STAAR MASTER® Digital. This courseware carefully reflects the standards, level of difficulty and test item specifications of the STAAR® assessment. Starting with our early learners in grades 1 and 2, our math work texts introduce young learners to key concepts and lay the foundation that will prepare them for the STAAR® test in the future. Our math solutions continue with a comprehensive suite of work texts from grades 3 to 9 combined with our award-winning STAAR MASTER® Digital supplementary learning solution that offers an adaptive learning platform for students in grades 5-9. It is a combination of assessments, instructional activities, and reporting/analytics. These three elements work together in unison to drive increased student outcomes. Overall benefits of the STAAR MASTER® Math solutions:

  • STAAR MASTER® materials are 100% aligned to the most recent TEKS.

  • With STAAR MASTER® Digital, teachers and students receive real-time scoring reports and analytics from an adaptive platform personalized to the needs of each student.

  • STAAR MASTER® is the most rigorous STAAR® curriculum on the market today. STAAR MASTER’s content carefully exceeds the level of difficulty of the STAAR® to ensure success.



For 60+ copies, an extra Teacher Guide will be included free for each additional 30 copies ordered. Shipping/handling/insurance charges are not included in prices.


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