Common Core Student Work Texts Book I Math Gr 7

The TestSMART® Common Core Student Work Text for Close Reading was developed specifically to address the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This all-new, research-based series goes beyond multiple-choice questions, focusing on open-ended and extended-response items that require student-created responses.

The content for Mathematics, Grade 7 is divided into three books. The specific standards included in Book I are:
• Ratios and Proportional Relationships
• The Number System
• Expressions and Equations



All TestSMART materials are research-based. The Student Work Text is reproducible. A Teacher Guide with complete answer key is included in each Work Text.

Features of the Student Work Text for Mathematics:
• introductory pages that present each new topic or skill for students
• numerous examples that provide clear, concise explanations for new topics or skills
• varied approaches for solving different types of problems or completing various learning tasks
• greater emphasis on “critical” areas of understanding, as identified in the Common Core State Standards
• multiple opportunities for peer interaction
• questions and prompts that encourage discussion of learning tasks and different problem-solving methods
• open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to do more than “find the right answer”
• repeated opportunities for students to apply the “mathematical practices” (e.g., reasoning
abstractly and quantitatively) identified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
• several pages dedicated to independent problem solving throughout the work text
• clear emphasis on the use of precise mathematical vocabulary
• interesting, conversational tone throughout each work text

The Teacher Guide section includes:
• overview of the work text and explanation of its key components
• complete list of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics at each grade level
• explanation of “rigor” and complexity levels as they apply to the activities and tasks in the work text
• explanation of the key “mathematical practices” identified in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
• specific ways to support student thinking during problem solving and other math activities
• suggested methods for using the work text during classroom instruction
• complete and thorough answer key, useful for items that have more than one right answer


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