TestSMART® Common Core Reproducible

Credibility & Quality

Our product development process is based on the highest integrity standards. The research-based TestSMART® Common Core series was developed specifically to address the CCSS while incorporating the latest and most influential educational models. The all-new content, custom-developed for the Student Work Text, is 100% aligned to the CCSS for the particular grade and subject.

Rigor & Cognitive Complexity

The TestSMART® Common Core Student Work Text provides items written at varying levels of complexity to accommodate the cognitive demands of the expectations in the CCSS for Reading and Mathematics (NGA/CCSSO, 2010). Each activity is clearly labeled for easy identification of the CCSS standard and its complexity level (L, M, H).

Common Core Work Texts go beyond multiple-choice questions, focusing on open-ended and extended-response items that require student-created responses for both reading and mathematics.

Effective for the Classroom

Includes all brand-new material and strategies for seamless instruction, learning, and assessment:

Range of topics to interest students
Clear identification of expected skills
Repeated practice in variety of contexts
Master skills list
Suggested instructional strategies
Complete answer keys
Bibliography of research references
Clear, consistent layout
Methods to promote rich, structured conversations
Suggestions for integrating the literacy strands—reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language*
Specific techniques to encourage students to develop close reading, communication, reasoning, comprehension, and vocabulary skills and strategies*
Teacher “how-to” for using the Student Work Text, including time requirement, reading selection, prereading, during reading, and post-reading*
Emphasis on key mathematical processes from the CCSS**
* Close Reading only
** Mathematics only

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Showing 1–50 of 67 results