STAAR MASTER® Digital for Math

STAAR MASTER® DIGITAL is the NEW digital component of the STAAR MASTER® System. This state-of-the-art computer adaptive STAAR® preparation program is 100% TEKs aligned and includes formative assessments and digital instructional content and analytics.

Using AI & machine learning, our solution diagnoses each student’s level of proficiency & creates a personalized path through the curriculum to maximize their understanding of the standard.

STAAR MASTER® Digital is built on our award-winning Learning Positioning System® (LPS) (think GPS, but for education). With its micro-tagging system, each aspect of LPS content is created in tiny learning objects, allowing LPS to gather and process thousands of data points for each student. With LPS technology, STAAR MASTER® Digital is designed for use as a curriculum supplement along with STAAR MASTER® work texts in blended and/or fully virtual classrooms. STAAR MASTER® Digital delivers learning activities at Performance levels ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced — targeting each student’s strengths and weaknesses to efficiently improve performance. Only once a student has mastered each section’s content do they move onto the next section. LPS tracks and recalculates student progress in real-time, resulting in course with millions of Personalized Learning Paths across four performance levels, fusing together platform, content, and reporting