STAAR MASTER System® is a suite of print and digital solutions, transforming the way students achieve in today’s classrooms. Research-based and efficacy-driven, STAAR MASTER® System significantly improves student outcomes on standards-based assessments.

The System begins in early elementary with high-quality STAAR MASTER® work texts for students in grades 1 through 8. STAAR MASTER® work texts include both student and teacher resources, which are 100% aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and designed for today’s classrooms. With a historical track record of excellence since 1982, STAAR MASTER® texts are trusted and proven supplementary education resources for Texas elementary and middle schools.

STAAR MASTER® Digital is the newest component of the STAAR MASTER® System. STAAR MASTER® Digital is available for grades 5 through 8 math and Algebra I. Digital RLA will be coming in 2020-2021. STAAR MASTER® Digital is a combination of assessments, instructional activities, and data analytics. These three elements work together in unison to drive increased student outcomes. Continuing STAAR MASTER® legacy of excellence, STAAR MASTER® Digital employs rigorous alignment to TEKS combined with real-time and custom reporting to help teachers ensure student competency in standards and benchmarks. STAAR MASTER® Digital delivers personalized instruction with its award-winning Learning Positioning System® (LPS) technology. With its micro-tagging system, each aspect of LPS content is created in tiny learning objects, allowing LPS to gather and process thousands of data points for each student. With LPS technology, STAAR MASTER® Digital is designed for use as a curriculum supplement along with STAAR MASTER® work texts in blended and/or fully virtual classrooms. STAAR MASTER® System is ideal for both first-time test-takers as well as re-testers. These programs may be used as review and remediation throughout the academic year and may also be used as a targeted resource for semester-long and intensive programs.