PREPWORKS® is the most-awarded computer-adaptive learning platform for middle and high schools. PREPWORKS® helps students and teachers achieve significant improvements on high-stakes EOCs and college and career readiness tests. PREPWORKS® features high-quality, 100% standards-aligned curriculum and instructional content; extensive reporting and analytics; and is backed by the PREPWORKS® Score Guarantee.

Combining assessments, instruction, and reporting to transform student achievement
This trifecta often gives teachers and admins an 'ah ha' moment, as they realize that these three elements are not mutually exclusive and must be presented and designed in unison to drive student outcomes. Stakeholders value that PREPWORKS® carefully threads together each of these aspects (as oppose to other providers that patch in third-party content libraries) to deliver comprehensive and effective solutions.

Bringing Standards to life for teachers and students
For many teachers in many subjects - from Algebra to English/Reading to Civics, etc.- standards and benchmarks are difficult to understand. PREPWORKS® is bringing these standards and benchmarks to life with our combination of assessments, reports, and instructional activities. They distinguish PREPWORKS® as unique compared to other providers.

Actionable data to transform the classroom, one student at a time.
In other words, teachers and school leaders want to see data that can inform and drive real action in the classroom that leads to real success on official assessments. PREPWORKS® Standards Reports are helping teachers understand where and how to spend their time. Our reports are viewed by stakeholders as equally as valuable as our assessments and instructional activities.